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The Back Cover

Aug 26, 2019

Steve and Karen talk with Greg Hill a member of the singing group The Delfonics.  He discusses what makes groups "authentic", his upcoming book, and how so many groups end up with nothing more than their name.  Then they get a call from a listener who wanted to discuss the musician Taj Mal.


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Aug 12, 2019

Karen and Steve discuss many R&B and Rock and Roll artists who gave great performances in their day -- Johnny Taylor, James Brown, Sam and Dave, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Prince.  We also discuss the African American contribution to American Music with a caller.  And finally, we give our view of church choirs.  


Aug 5, 2019

When the Jackson 5 hit the music scene the world couldn't get enough of the five young boys from Gary, IN.  But before they were known world-wide, they were a struggling local band from a big family in a little house on Jackson Street.

Everyone in Gary has a story about the Jacksons.  But remarkably, they are still just...